the summer style essentials I'll be living in for summer 2019

Ah, summer. My all-time favorite season. The ability to walk around unladen by all the woolen, knitted, heavy layers of winter is...*kisses fingertips*. By the time summer actually comes around here in Minnesota, I’ve pulled all of my lighter clothes out from the highest shelf of my closet and am ready to whip out my pasty-white legs at a moment’s notice.

In the past couple weeks, I’ve already noticed some of the repeat, simple style items I’ve been wearing in outfits for summer (you heard it here people, Taylor Hafner is an outfit repeater). These are the essential pieces you’ll catch me in this summer:



Sunnies are my favorite summer accessory and it’s a wonder how I’ve managed to keep my collection to a few pairs when I could pick up some every time I step into a Target. Sunglasses are a pretty basic piece, but I’ve found different styles that also have unique qualities. My brown pair are pretty mod and the black pair I own feel very Old Hollywood. Alas, though I wish I owned about 500 pairs, the few I do own tend to be a fitting accessory for any look I come up with. A pair of sunglasses is always a good companion to an outfit, whether you’re going for classic chic or punk-inspired vibes. No Ray Bans here though; I can’t get myself to spend more than $20 on sunglasses. If you need some fun but versatile ideas, I’ve linked pairs similar to mine in black, brown and silver.



I like to think the best options for cutoff denim hang on a rack in the thrift store, especially if you’re willing to get a little crafty and cut and distress them yourself. Denim shorts are an absolute staple—these babies go with anything. Dress them up with a pair of heels and an off-the-shoulder top or down with Birkenstocks (or Firkenstocks, in my case) and a knotted tee. I personally love to include both a grungier, distressed pair and a neater cuffed pair in my wardrobe.



Overalls are a 90’s style trend that have been back for awhile, but I’ve been loving them lately. Overalls for me seem to be a good way to change up my roster of ever-present casual wardrobe basics (hello, gray t shirts…which, let’s be honest, run the risk of being boring). I own both a set of overall shorts and an overall dress, which make for extra options if I’m going for a casual outfit. I really love to play with what I pair underneath overalls because the first layer can totally change it up.



Sandal weather, amen!!! Open-toed shoes are a must for the heat. Going into summer, I wanted to make sure I had a small variety of sandals to choose from because you can bet there will be days that are just too muggy and hot to wear anything close-toed. Sandals are essential because they’re so good for going from casual to fancy. I’m loving having a solid pair for grad-party hopping (as usual, I have many cousins graduating this year). Again, I’ll be wearing a couple different colors and styles, but I really like a woven or Grecian-inspired pair for that perfect medium between fancy and casual.

I’m feeling ready to conquer this season of growth and all the sunny weather Minnesota has to offer this summer with pieces like these. As long as it’s sunny and above 65 degrees, you’ll catch me outdoors.

What do you live in during the summer? Let me know in a comment!