life, style + self-love

If you’ve found yourself here, maybe you’re in need of life advice, knowledge in how to love yourself better, or some inspiration. This site is meant to be a place for those trying to maintain a sense of style while keeping all the rest of life together: the mental health, the relationships and mess that make up our day-to-day. We cover everything here. You might see “interior decorating” and “trauma” in back-to-back posts. You might stumble across content that, in a whole lot of little ways, changes the way you look at yourself.

Not everything you read here will leave you feeling on top of cloud nine, and that’s okay, because maybe you need to read it anyway. With any luck, some of it will leave you feeling more wonderful and powerful than you knew you needed to be.

Here’s to better loving who we are.

about taylor

loves: Pinterest, wildlife documentaries, a nice, deep analysis of the meaning of life
hates: Minnesota winters, anything to do with numbers, celery


Hi, I’m Taylor Hafner.

I’m an introverted creative at heart, a Twin Cities native, and a lover of lattes. I would say I’m a deep, deep thinker and others call me an “old soul”. I kind of like to think of myself as a millennial coffee shop-loving Dumbledore.

I don’t have my everyday life all figured out yet, but I love figuring out how to make the journey better in small ways. I’m not a fashion icon, but I love to express creativity through style in everything. I’m not a life coach, but I’ve got a good amount of solid life experience. I feel like, a lot of feelings and I like to learn about them along the way.

Come along for a ride—I hope you stay awhile!