a love letter to my army jacket

Dear army jacket,

Thanks for being the best casual item of clothing I’ve added to my wardrobe all year. We’re past the honeymoon stage, but this love keeps on getting better. I knew the moment I saw you hanging on the (clearance?!) rack at Target that I would love you long time.


It’s October in Minnesota now and we’re starting to get those really gray, chilly days. You’ve been the best thing to throw on over a plain tee or a detailed top and so I’ve found you’re making an appearance like, every day. An army jacket is casual, but you’re just the right one, making an outfit feel upscale by being just a little punk. You’re ultimately utilitarian. Solid. Like something a rebel would wear.

You play to both a tailored look and the “oversize” trend.


You dress up an “I’m-about-to-go-to-Target” messy bun, joggers and pajama shirt look but keep my treasured cashmere sweater from looking too luxe for every day.

And your pockets?! Amazing. You almost make up for the fact that I’ve been wearing pants with too-small pockets for my whole life while mens’ pants are able to hold EVERYTHING in theirs. I finally know what it’s like to be able to keep my wallet AND my phone AND my keys on me and have my hands free at the same time.


Most of all, I think you really feel like me. I love a good androgynous piece of clothing, and you’re it. I feel a little stronger, a little more badass and a lot readier to tackle the day with you on.

…of course, now you should make sure you have an army jacket in your closet.

You can find mine here.

tell me in the comments, what’s an item of clothing YOU could write a love letter to?